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Single black Female 26,5' 10" tall and 186 lbs slender; averagely cute,who is respectable, appreciative, gallant, faithful & witty, OoooH yes she's funny! I've never married and have no children. I have many grand qualities but I do not wish to ramble on. I love volleyball, I used to be a martial artist and I am big on chivalry and respecting women especially. I adore 70's and 80's music. I am probably the last woman on Earth, oh okay Newbury,London,England then, who honors relationship vows and respects the institution of marriage to the teeth. I love to take walks, hiking, playing computer games, listening to music and yes I'm the type of girl that goes back for seconds and thirds as far as lovin' is concerned so ignoring you is not an option. ;-) Your just going to have to take the risk and give me a chance to show you I'm a great catch. But if you want an old fashioned yet contemporary modern great girl you will NOT be disappointed!

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Persionals Deatails ideal partner
Age 40 years old 21 - 36 yrs old
Location Aan de Berg,Aruba (general),United Kingdom
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality United Kingdom
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Religion Catholic
Education level
Profession Technical / Engineering

What I'm looking for

Is admirably grounded, but not religiously strict, good personal & relationship morals who also is seeking a sincere and mature long-term, stable and committed, affectionately loving companionship. He must be understanding & cares more for integrity of character than wealth in a girl. But if he is quiet, tall, petite, funny, eccentric, of an ethnic background, needing affection, been hurt in the past by women, etc... did I leave anything out? I truely hope not! Anyways don't worry I care more for character and morals not if your homely, wear glasses or dance in a bunny suit! ;-) I just really wish to find true love, it's my sole dream so pick me and I'll work very hard to make sure your trust in me is well earned and well placed!
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