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My name is Kiera and although I haven’t got a lot to offer, i offer the simplistic things in life I am a kind, warm, welcoming person. I love life and I appreciate life in everyway although I don't always see the good right away. I am easy going and although I am full of questions, I take what I’m given and make the best use of it as I see fit or believe beneficial. I believe trust is very important and hard earned but once acquired is one of the greatest feelings ever. i believe in mutual - everything although everyone needs their own space - sharing with someone is important. I'm not a critic and don't believe strongly in appearance. Its not most important. I believe in humanity and life as well as hope for it. I am a people person but it takes a while. I'm very shy and although I have a hard-core it CAN be broken - with perseverance - that’s why I believe in trust :)

At a glance

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Age 34 years old 18 - 29 yrs old
Location Aan de Berg,United Kingdom
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality United Kingdom
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Religion Catholic
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Profession Executive / Management

What I'm looking for

Someone patient and trustworthy. Someone who is in it for real and not for fun. Although seriousness isn’t everything - people can get hurt easily. Someone who enjoys spending time with me and vice-versa. Someone who would introduce me to their friends and be proud of me. Someone - Anyone - who isn't concerned about looks but the occasional dress-up. Someone who believes mutually in trust and appreciative of the small things in life. Someone who could remind me why life is worth living and holding out for. Someone who could learn to love me and who would get it all back each and every time I looked at her. Carefree and non-judgmental and who would be open to the adventurous side of life (camping, waterspouts lol) someone not afraid to take a chance. Sharing the same interests is never essential but who wouldn’t be afraid to attempt it or respect it and who would get back all they put in if not twice as much. Just someone to love...:)
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